We always strive to meet our customers' demands for quality, safety and the environment. The efficiency of our assignments shall appear to our customers as a strong motive for choosing us. Our work to constantly improve, avoid and prevent is for us a matter of course. We do this by complying with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations. We keep our liability insurance policies up to date for the safety of all parties.

We are a company that actively works for a good environment and always carries out risk assessments in our assignments. We must always ensure that we are familiar with applicable laws and regulations. We are connected to collective agreements and occupational health care. The well-being of our employees and the safety of our customers is for us a matter of course.

We are a company that conducts operations that do not consume resources unnecessarily and that enables circular thinking. We must actively find out opportunities for improvement and integrate them into our working methods.

We take responsibility for our assignments and customers. Our focus is on the customer and the needs that both the customer and the end customer have. We strive for long-term business relationships to minimize the risks in our communication.

QC till Borealis TA22

Denna veckan bistod vi Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance Nordics med en QC till deras åtagande av Borealis Krackerns underhållsstopp TA-2022, som nu är i slutfasen.

27 MAJ 2022

6 JULI 2022

Ny batterifabrik

Med semesterperioden i siktet, önskar vi er en solig ledighet. Vi fortsätter däremot i en ledande roll, att bistå Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance Nordics och deras åtagande av piping till den nya batterifabriken som nu är under uppbyggnad i Skellefteå.

Batterifabriken kommer att bli Europas största.

Om någon vecka hoppar vi på ett längre uppdrag för St1 Refinery AB i Göteborg som även blir en ny kund till oss.
Uppdraget kommer bland annat att ha med underhållsstoppet våren 2023 att göra. Vi ser mycket fram emot vårt kommande samarbete!

St1 Raff blir ny kund

27 NOVEMBER 2022

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